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Yes, it runs on AMD!

General Purpose / Desktop Kernel

Linux-5.16.8-AMDLinux SMP PREEMPT -O3 For Ryzen (Contains .deb binaries)

Realtime Kernel

Linux-5.10.90-AMDLinux SMP PREEMPT_RT -O3 (Contains .deb binaries)

Linux-Libre 5.10.90-AMDLinux SMP PREEMPT_RT -O3 (Contains .deb binaries)

Server Kernel

Linux-5.10.98-AMDLinux SMP NO_PREEMPT -O3 (Contains .deb binaries)

Linux-Libre 5.10.98-AMDLinux SMP NO_PREEMPT -O3 (Contains .deb binaries)


1 – Extract the contents of the .tar.gzip

2 – sudo dpkg -i *.deb



AMDLinux is a personal and independent Linux kernel optimization project specially customized for
AMD CPUs and packaged for GNU/Linux distros of the Debian/Devuan family.

The idea is to take advantage of the full potential of these CPUs by compiling the kernel
specifically using flags only compatible with all AMD CPUs.

The «Linux-Libre» version of the FSFLA is used as the basis of the Linux-Libre AMDLinux version.
The project offers Linux and Linux-Libre kernel versions, and is divided into 3 different types depending on the task.

For multipurpose tasks, gaming and desktop work. (Compiled with -O3 for maximum performance).

For audio/video production and tasks where ultra-low latency is critically needed.
Patched with SMP PREEMPT_RT and compiled with -O3

Designed for server loads, fully patched for SMP with -O3 flag

The kernel is provided directly as easily installable binaries (.deb) and is NOT COMPATIBLE WITH INTEL CPUs.


It is recommended that before trying these kernels you have a different kernel already installed on your system as backup and recovery.
As we saw before, the «Linux-Libre» version does not contain any proprietary blob, so it is possible that this kernel is not 100% compatible with all the hardware on your machine.

If you crash your machine during the installation it is solely your fault.